Keep Growing, Little One

Now that I’ve entered into the age where many of my friends have babies, it’s pretty often that I see parents post cute photos of their little ones captioned, “Please stop growing!” I also often get comments from grandma to tell my little one to stop growing and stay little forever. I totally understand the sentiment. Babies are only babies for such a short time, and from what I’m told by strangers constantly, kids are only kids for such a short time. I definitely already look back at pictures of my 16 month old from a year ago and reminisce about how precious and adorable he was. I definitely miss how much easier it was to run errands with him and I would take back the amount of time he used to sleep in a heartbeat (he dropped to one hour long nap a day at only 12 months).

However, I will never hope that my son stops growing. I would never want him to stay little forever. Growing older is a gift and getting to see him grow older is a gift doubled. While I definitely enjoy how adorable his baby babble is now, I also so look forward to the day when he can ask me why the sky is blue and we can talk about dinosaurs and fairies and whatever the kids will be into at that time. While I love how much he loves me and wants me to pay attention to him right now, I so look forward to the day when he wants to play alone in his room so I can get a break in the day. While I love his insatiable curiosity right now, I also look forward to the day when that curiosity means wanting to climb a mountain instead of picking up a discarded cigarette and trying to put it in his mouth.

ezra tat

I’m excited to have conversations with him about the world, I’m excited to see what kinds of things he’ll be interested in, I’m excited to take him on trips that he’ll remember, I’m excited to see who he’ll be friends with, I’m excited to see what his favorite subject is in school, I’m excited to get to watch this little boy grow into the kind, loving man that I hope he will be. I know these years will go by quickly, so I just try to do my best to enjoy each moment and each age while we’re in it. But I don’t want time to stop for him and I don’t want him to stop growing because life is such a gift and each day we’re given is a true privilege.

So baby boy, please keep growing. Keep learning, keep exploring, keep changing, keep becoming the person you are meant to me. I’ll be right here alongside you the whole time encouraging you, teaching you, loving you, and praising God that you get another day, another week, another year on this earth with me.

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