New Blog, New Me

Two years ago, this blog served as a way for me to share about all the home renovations my husband and I were making. While it was very fun to let people into our home in that way, I also couldn’t help but feel like the blog itself seemed shallow and that what I was writing was just shouting into the empty void of the hundreds of home renovation blogs out there on the internet. So I stopped writing, and honestly, those excuses make me so sad.

Writing has always been such a restorative way for me to express myself, but it’s also always been terrifying to do. Sharing my inner self, even if it’s just about new flooring, feels deeply personal and I’m often afraid of people not liking it or thinking I’m not a good writer.

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching in the last year, and I’ve come to realize that it’s been doing me no good to hold myself back when it comes to sharing what I think and how I feel. I am almost 30 years old and it’s time I stop caring so much about what other people think, so I’ve decided to take up writing this blog again and this time I’m doing it just for me. I do hope that my blogs speak to people in a real way, but for now, the purpose will just be for me to have a place to speak my truth.

This blog won’t have a specific purpose, but because it’s about my life, there will be a lot of posts on motherhood, marriage, feminism, and my faith.

I hope you like it, I hope you follow along, but mostly I hope that I feel fulfilled by creating a place to share my story.

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